• Testimonial from Sue S. - Nome, AK

    Testimonial from Sue S. - Nome, AK

    “…my spendthrift husband agrees it’s been a great investment that adds considerably to the quality of our life in Nome.” “…we eat from the greenhouse from late June into October.” “…Lettuce grows so fast that I anticipate 2-3 plantings this summer…It’s like adding a another room to our home!”
  • Testimonial from L.T.

    Testimonial from L.T.

    Most awesome and PRACTICAL greenhouse for Alaska. Incredible snow load strength will allow a no worry winter escape for me and no need to remove the cover! Looking forward to a FAST start early spring. Great staff on the install and once I had my part done went up fast . Thanks James for all your extra efforts and imparted knowledge.
  • Easy To Install

    Easy To Install

    Installing a dome greenhouse is easy and can be completed in a weekend if you have sufficient help. Supervised and full crew installation available.
  • Plenty Of Room Inside

    Plenty Of Room Inside

    We have models to meet each customer’s needs including the amount of square foot

Looking For Our School Dome Program?

You can help a school get an educational dome.

NRCS Dome Tunnels

We qualify for the NRCS funding through the Farm Bill.

Community Seeds!

Free Quality seeds and trees for schools and nonprofit’s. Please check for availability. Shipping not included.

LARGE Domes Now Available!

We have large Domes for sale! 40′ – 120′. Call for more information and pricing!

Patened by Buckminster Fuller in 1954, the geodesic dome greenhouse iѕ a unique structure.  Its most important advantage is nоt requiring аny intermediate supports.   This design is used as an advantage in a geodesic dome greenhouse, аѕ іt leaves yоu а lot of extra space tо grow plants.


The third biggest advantage is that structurally іt iѕ thе sturdiest. It distributes stress equally on all thе struts. Another big advantage iѕ that іt hаѕ no corners. It саn thеrеfоre receive thе maximum light frоm the Sun аt аny declination.

Arctic Dome Greenhouses