Large Domes

Anywhere from 12' - 120'

Variety Of Sizes

We offer a variety of large domes with sizes up to 120 feet in diameter. These “done for you” dome greenhouses, DIY dome greenhouses (owner installed dome greenhouses), and contractor installed dome greenhouse kits for any application in nearly any location.

We have home, garden, farm, off-grid, commercial, and industrial geodesic dome greenhouses for you in either DIY or “done for you” or contractor installed. Contact us or visit our shop to learn more about our Large Dome Greenhouse.

Large domes

The pictures below are of a 56′ Arctic Dome.

Need Funding to help you
Commercial Growth
build your Dome Project?

We’ve partnered with ehancify, to offer you the best rates for securing financing for domes. Private and secure without hurting your credit score. Up to 100k.