Dome Green Houses

Grow In Any Climate

Our domes are being used all over the world and can withstand all weather types.

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NEW! ETFE material

Micron Film Technology

KingDome Inc is bringing to North America and the world models with ETFE. Longest lasting and most efficient greenhouse cover available.

We have ETFE available for high tunnels too. Quit replacing covers yearly. Install once and done for 30 years.

Growing plants and vegetables. This should be your cover. More efficient than glass.

The same cover used on the Eden projects is now available on all KingDome Inc domes and some tunnels.

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20-Foot-Dome norway

Withstands All Weather Types

Arctic Dome Green Houses Design

KingDome Inc. manufactures geodesic dome greenhouses that are being used all over the world and can withstand all weather types.

Our dome greenhouses are the most durable and longest-lasting dome greenhouses in the world without any toxic off-gassing like our competitors. In fact, our dome greenhouses are so superior there is no competition.

We even have a dome greenhouse that has been the furthest north and most long-standing arctic dome greenhouse in the world. It is located in the arctic circle in Longyearbyen Norway. Learn More about our Arctic Dome Designs!

KingDome© Greenhouse Domes are the most Eco-Friendly & Reliable option for growing in any location in the world!

Sustainable Solar Greenhouse


Average Lifespan of 20-30 Years

Withstands All Conditions

Contractor Installed or DIY Kits

Variety Of Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes (up to 120 feet in diameter) of “done for you” dome greenhouses, DIY dome greenhouses (owner installed dome greenhouses), and contractor installed dome greenhouse kits for any application in nearly any location.

We have home, garden, farm, off-grid, commercial, and industrial geodesic dome greenhouses for you in either DIY or “done for you” or contractor installed.

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