Owner/Self Install

The owner can install the Arctic Greenhouse Domes relatively easy. We recommend that at least 2 people participate in the installation, though some tasks can be done alone. We tell customers to plan on your self-installation to take at least twice as long as our crew installation because of the learning curve involved. We recommend that you have someone with construction skills (such as experience working a drill, saw, tape, and hammer). Follow the color key materials and print layout for an easy assembly.

Supervised Install

We offer installations across the United States continental 48 states. Due to instability of market. All quotes will be given at time of dome quote. Pricing will need to be figured for travel time, lodging, per diem, any machine rental needed  and installation. We no longer offer supervisor assist. Instead we offering supplying videos to customers for all stages of installations.  We will be available for questions between the hours of 8am to 3pm CST, or 9am to 4pm eastern, Monday thru Friday except holidays.  We are also offering a class at our locations where people can come to our scheduled monthly class for a hands on training.  After successful training, you can be added for any local installs of our domes as long as you carry necessary insurance and completed class successfully.

Full Crew Install

(Recommended for 50 ft plus Domes)
We can provide an Installation Crew to assemble your KingDome Greenhouse. The cost varies depending on which KingDome Greenhouse is purchased and Separate travel, lodging fuel and per diem costs for the crew members also apply.  Lodging, perdiem, fuel and housing will be paid in Advance.  Install fee will be paid half upon delivery of crate and half upon arrival for delivery.

Please see below.

Estimated Installation Costs For KingDome Greenhouse Installing crew:

Size Estimated Cost for installation:

Due to rising cost of travel, accommodations and labor, quotes will be given at the time of purchase. It is more economical for local contractor to install or attend our monthly class on installing a dome.  Only those that purchase can attend or a representative in their place.  Email to inquire for next date for reservation.  Class has no fee and is offered to customers.

NOTE: These figures are only estimates, and may vary with actual installation costs. Local Machinery rental is an additional fee that is responsibility of customer. This does not include greenhouse kit delivery or crew travel. It is more economical for an outside contractor to do the leveling and excavation, so we do not include site preparation or excavation in these rates. If site preparation does not meet +- 1 and 10ft extra working radius or other trades delaying our work a minimum of 1600.00 will be charged daily for delay. Normal specifications in concrete trade for footers will be expected.  KingDome will use laser to insure site is level before any building will commence. KingDome Inc will give dimensions, width/depths for footer.  In the event job is divided between KingDome Inc and other contractors.  If other contractors delays our work and job is based on daily rate of time and material.  Immediate payment of delay will be required. KingDome Inc is not responsible for time missed or changing of schedule if machinery needed is not available nor any cost incurred from it. Plus perdiem and lodging.  If delay prohibits work and we must leave.  Travel wage time, lodging, fuel and perdiem will be paid before travel. Delay, perdiem, lodging will be paid the day of delay.  Any rescheduling will need to pay agreed install price again plus paid daily wages for travel, perdiem, and lodging in advance.

(Example) If dome is 40 feet in diameter. We need 30 foot radius of +- 1 for working area. Total diameter will be 60 feet.)  Any travel days will be charged according to daily rate, lodging and per diem charges.  Labor rates are paid half upon arrival and half upon completion or at the end of assisted time.  If assisted installs are contracted.  It is the homeowners responsibility to have agreed number of workers and equipment. Plus remain and work throughout the day. This is an assisted install not a complete install.

Concrete work will be determined at time of finishing job scope if needed

The bed design and installation is also not part of the kit or installation cost, but Arctic Dome Greenhouses can be contracted to do so for an additional fee.

Weather Requirements

All installations are subject to weather conditions.  Fabric/Polyethylene(greenhouse covers) can not be installed in rainy conditions.  Temperatures over 85 for polyethylene on all models or winds over 15 mph for 40 foot  to 70 foot Domes/Tunnels.  On larger projects,  installation window of 3 days or more forecast of the aforementioned weather conditions are needed for fabric to be properly installed.  Scheduling installs will be scheduled around such forecast.


We will be revisiting travel and installations after PANDEMIC has been lifted.  Changing rules and regulations from state to state along with the instability of markets with labor is making it difficult to keep on any schedule and correct budget.