Agtec Super Strength Clear Woven Greenhouse Film 12mil (per.sq.ft)
BTL Greenhouse SFeatures:

Extra tough 12 mil – thickness
Made from reinforced polyethylene (RPE).
Woven reinforced design resists extreme weather such as wind and hail.
Woven design is naturally diffused which prevents shadowing.
Retains over 80% strength after 7 years of direct UV light.
82% Light transmission for good growth.image1.JPG
Made in the Oregon, USA

This woven reinforced polyethylene (RPE) greenhouse plastic is designed for applications where super strength and stability is needed for your greenhouse. The woven reinforced design will stand up to the harshest climate conditions such as high winds and hail and the high UV stabilization will ensure many years of use.

The film is reinforced with strong scrim material that is fused into the multilayer design to ensure superb strength over ordinary non-reinforced plastic. This multilayer woven construction leads to a naturally even and diffused light inside the greenhouse which prevents shadowing and hotspots and ensures even growth throughout.

This film is perfect for areas with extreme temperature fluctuations as the reinforced design resists expansion and contraction better than regular poly which leads to less wear and a longer life.

This film is waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, and has outstanding puncture, pinhole and tear resistance. With proper care this film should last up to 7 years in most climates.

Note: This is a custom cut item made to your individual specifications. It cannot be returned or refunded once the item has been shipped out.

Weight: 6.0 OZ./SQ.YD. (+/-10%)
Thickness: 12 MILS (+/-10%)
Coating Thickness: 1.75 MILS EACH (+/-10%)
Tensile Strength (Grab Method): Warp 220 lbs. Weft 175 lbs.
Trapezoidal Tear: Warp 65 lbs. Weft 75 lbs.
Tear Strength (Tongue Method): Warp 65 lbs/Inch Weft 65 lbs/Inch
Bursting Strength (Mullen): 370 Psi
Uv Resistance: >80% Strength Retained After 2000 Hrs.
Light Transmittance: Uv 66.5%, Visible 82%, Nir 75%