12mil Reinforced Polyethylene


  Agtec Super Strength Clear Woven Greenhouse Film 12mil (per.sq.ft) BTL Greenhouse SFeatures: Extra tough 12 mil – thickness Made from reinforced polyethylene (RPE). Woven reinforced design resists extreme weather such as wind and hail. Woven design is naturally diffused which prevents shadowing. Retains over 80% strength after 7 years…

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Commercial Growing with our Large Dome Design

Large Dome

We have 40′ to 120′ designs to meet your growing needs.   We are currently in the process of building larger domes ranging between 40′ and 120′. When completed we will have a video of the entire project. If you would like more information on one of our larger Arctic…

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Arctic Dome Design

Arctic Dome

Our domes are being used all over the world and can withstand all weather types.  The following pictures show some of our domes in some very remote places including Canada, Norway, and Alaska.  

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