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60 Foot Dome


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  • 2826 square feet of floor area for the 6V.
  • Height 30 ft. 0 in. in 6V Model, Plus 2 or 4 foot base for the unit.
  • This basic kit comes with the option of coverings, the standard 12 mil interwoven Reinforced Polyethylene, second layer option, or 3-5 mm hard-sided dual-layer polyethylene Solexx
  • Comes standard with heavy-duty connectors or optional Super Duty Hubs.
  • Comes with a standard Framed Frequency Door or an option for a 36X80 9 Lite Entry Door, 60X80 French Door, or 96X84 Garage Door.
  • 4 Standard Vents.
  • Eco treatment standard on 2x6 Framing of base and treatment for 2x4 struts.
  • Please see Option Details in our Options Page for product specifications.
  • Ability to grow fresh produce for 16 to 22 people
  • View Warranty Information on our Terms and conditions page.
  • Shipping/Delivery: KingDome Greenhouses delivers and/or ships from Missouri. Shipping/delivery, crating, and handling charges are an extra cost and will be determined on location. For more information on our shipping/delivery policy please visit our Terms and Conditions page.
  • Installation is not included in the above prices. You may install the KingDome yourself or hire a Supervisor to direct your crew, or you may choose to have our Full Crew install your KingDome Greenhouse kit. See details and prices on our Options Page.
  • Custom Features or products can be available, please contact us for your specific request so that we are able to work a quote for your needs.

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